Over the years, I have made small independent studies to gain knowledge on the subject of art history and mosaics. As I find mosaics a challenge in the era of contemporary, I can not help, but to look into the past about visual clues and perceptions. In some instances, modern mosaics imitates so much of the past, I get more convinced that my place becomes about today. 

Ancient mosaics depicts movement, triggers a sense of tactility and activates participation of the viewer; same with modern color, materials and design. Integrated with art on the basis design and of abstract relationships, contemporary connects with its past and offers new insights into each other.

During this journey, a stone, a piece of clay roof tile or a cut glass made out of century old formula enfolds a sense of belonging. I find the joy in the total absorption of the moment by placing each piece in such a way that the line defines what is and what is not there.

Workshop, 2018 

Spurlock Sundays:Artful Nature:Rock and Minerals, drop in workshop, Urbana, IL, 2018

By focusing on your own style, color choices and hands on approach, you will learn how to make a mosaic pendant. 

We will use natural stones, smalti and glass to create unique pieces. Leave this class with the skills of developing a composition, cutting stones, smalti and glass with a wheeled glass nipper, and assembling your design by using sculpt adhesive.