Workshop, 2019

The Lunch Bunch Craft Club: Midday Meal and Mosaics, Zhan Learning Center, Urbana, IL

In this workshop, we use some new materials such as unglazed porcelain, glass tiles and smalti with metallic flash on the top.

Workshop, 2018 

Spurlock Sundays:Artful Nature:Rock and Minerals, drop in workshop, Urbana, IL

By focusing on your own style, color choices and hands on approach, you will learn how to make a mosaic pendant. 

We are using natural stones, smalti and glass to create unique pieces. Leave this workshop with the skills of developing a composition, cutting stones, smalti and glass with a wheeled glass nipper, and assembling your design by using sculpt adhesive. 

Introduction to Color Studies

Visual Arts ( based on J Albers book )

Intro to Color Study and Searching for the Composition

Introduction to Mosaics and Basic French words

Introduction to Mosaics design with cut paper tessarae